CNC Machined Parts

CNC machining parts is typically used for projects requiring one-offs to multiple thousands of parts. Specializing in plastics, from low-quantity to mass production needs or as one bridging connection between concept design and full production,as well as one pre-production orders in custom quantities

Navasthala offers a variety of materials, from plastic to hardware. Our capabilities also included various finishing and assembled, visit our parts finishing services.

All of your projects will be discussed and analysis before production, during and after. Once production is completed, the parts will be inspected,  we can provide you inspection report and material certification if needed.


CNC Machining Secondary Process

After CNC machining parts, Navasthala provide you secondary process for these parts to make them aesthetic as you expect, which includes welding, heat treating, surface finishing, drilling, grinding and easy assembly.

Surface finishing process: Different surface finishing such as anodizing, painting according to different material,  as per customer requirement.

Welding process: Generally use cold welding process, special welding available on customer request.

Heat Treating: Curing and thermal treatments as requested.

Thermal Bending: Often used when parts are to be bent to different angles.