Customize Low Volume Production Manufacturer

Customize lower volume production is one important constituent parts for future and upcoming industries, many companies need components quickly in low volume production from 50 sets to 10000 sets, sometimes from 1 set to 10 sets. If so, our low volume production will be best choice to you needs. At Navasthala, we have fast turnround process from machining and trail production so that you can have your parts fast.

Our team will closely work with you at  each step of the project, from original design, analysis, production untill final inspection, packaging and shipment,

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What is the customize low volume production ?

Customized low volume production is handling 10 sets to 10000 sets production. Of course, if you require more or less quantities from 1 sets to 10 sets, that is no problem for us. If you want to make a few production samples for review and testing as trail samples between rapid prototype and full scale production, our customize low volume production services takes is the perfect option to speed up your projects to marketing under budget control.

The advantage of low volume production

The advantage of low volume production aims to provide you with flexibility production and more design changes for testing product function and marketing. This will save your money, and give you additional time to review projects for marketing or mass production,

  • It allow you to launch your products in one very shorten time.
  • Most importantly, saves you money from development to production
  • It allow you to have time enough for any design changes and modify your project
  • Its function as bridge between rapid prototype and mass production.

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You are ready to start on your project now

When you think about your projects under tight budget, and low volume production, do not hesitated to contact us now, We are 100% focused on your projects and will work with you for the whole process in order to push it to market fast.