CNC cutting operations

From acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene to hylam, with a state of the art machine that is as accurate as 0.01mm, and can handle jobs well over 3meters, we constantly ensure your operational requirement is always met,..

3-D machining operations

Perfect for having your desired patterns and moulds made..

Max height of 150mm

Vacuum forming operation

A Popular technique to make masks, cups, patterns for moulds. Technique involves pressing a flat sheet into a desired shape.

Max size of 450 x 450 mm

Line bending operation for plastics and acrylic

A technique commonly found but uniquely mastered by us, ensuring the bends are always seamless and perfect.

Max length of bend : 2000mm

Thermoforming operations for plastics and acrylic

Using heat as our friend, we are able to deliver products that are use blow moulding and welding of plastics,..

Assembly operations

Desire to have your products assembled? We can set up an assembly line as we simultaneously manufacture your components,..

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