Parts Finishing Services

Navasthala offers many parts finishing services, Made to improve the finish and output of your parts. Navasthala improves your products appearance aesthetic with high quality, including deburring, painting, polishing etc


When parts are produced, small imperfections exist which are known as burrs. these imperfections can be removed by deburring process. Both manual and automated systems are used for this process


Our finishing process offers multiple process to custom your requested.

Buffing: It is polishing a rough surface and burrs using a buffing wheel. After buffing for machined parts, its surface maybe have minor imperfections.

Flame Polishing: It is the best option for getting a highly polished surface and takes the most labor/time.

Please kindly contact us today if you need to find our more polishing options.

Sanding Finishing

Sanding finishing of parts usually is done by hands or hand tools, Unless specified otherwise, we usually finish your parts based on our three internally defined finishing levels.

  • Coarse (up to #150)
  • Fine and (up to #800)
  • Extra fine (up to #2000)


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